Constant developments in technology have brought effective changes in the album industry. Advanced photo and graphic printers along with the latest book binding techniques have changed the trend of the traditional MAT ALBUMS transforming them into COFFEE TABLE BOOKS, MAGAZINE STYLE ALBUMS, or what we call STORYBOOK ALBUMS.

     We have a commitment to our clients to offer the latest in album designs.  In keeping with our high standards we offer a wide variety of STORYBOOK albums with multiple upgrade options. Our albums are made of only TRUE PHOTO PRINTS mounted on hard core material... not PRESS PRINTED thin, flimzy and translucent cover and pages.  We do have plans to add a line of press printed economical books in the future with an online auto album designing software.

     All basic packages which include an album come with our CLASSIC STORYBOOK albums with FULL SPREAD pages or our STANDARD STORYBOOK albums with SPLIT pages. These albums also include in-studio album designing and personalized imprinting/embossing on the front cover.

     For those clients who prefer a more sophisticated look and feel of an album we offer single or multiple upgrade choices in our EXCLUSIVE line.


     PHOTO COVER: Picture may be printed only on the front, or front and back together with leather or leatherette back spine in a matching color. The picture has the option of being printed on metal.  Acrylic cover options are also available.

     SPLIT TONE:  Two different colored leather or leatherette cover material which gives the album a personal and special look.

     FABRIC material or EXOTIC LEATHER such as ostrich, crocodile, or snake skin can be used to replace plain leather to give your storybook an exotic look and feel. 


Album page spreads can be MICRO SPLIT to prevent cracking or flecking of prints at joints and creases.

     To achieve a LIGHT or STURDY FEEL, pages can be bound using light or heavy core board.

     ROUNDED CORNERS of pages give a feel of softness and comfort.

     Don’t be surprised with extreme viewer compliments by upgrading to highly glossed 3D looking METALLIC PRINTS. Either all pages or a few selected pages with metallic prints will make your album stand out. You can personally see the difference between standard photo prints and metallic prints during our no obligation consultation meeting.

     LINEN TEXTURED PAGES can contribute additional viewing pleasure and resist finger prints.

     GRAPHIC DESIGNING of album page layouts is offered as an album upgrade if you feel it is needed. We work with one of the best graphic designers in the US specializing in album design to provide you with the most satisfying look and feel in storytelling.

     We involve clients in designing their albums to personalize it to their liking by offering 3 changes for standard in studio designing and 2 changes in graphically designed layouts.

Last but not least: Do not forget your parents, family, friends and special guests. Our COFFEE TABLE STORY BOOKS are economical options available only with main albums to keep your near and dear ones happy. You can add 8x10 or 8x8 parent albums and multiple 4x5 or 5x5 guest albums. If you have already taken care of guests by providing them with personal gifts, keep these small guest albums in your purse or briefcases to show off your wedding or event to friends and colleagues.
We have all your creative ideas and wishes covered with our wide variety of upgrade selections. If we are missing something please let us know, and we will try our best to accommodate it soon. We hope the above information has helped you understand our line of albums. For more information, please do not hesitate to call or email us to setup a no obligation consultation.